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Friday, January 1, 2010


TV screen, balancing with

Taylor, Keith: Fireman shoot

Team Strobist

Tejada, David X.
On Assignment with, Light bag video tour, Computer portrait, Corporate headshots video, Conference room lighting, Pimping your Chimping, Dave's DIY Beauty dish

Telephoto Flash Lens: Better Beamer

Test, test, test

Texture, lighting for: Ex. 1, Ex. 2

Theatre, shooting for

3 Speedlights into 1 soft box

Trade Secret: Strobist Lighting Cards

Traveling light: Basic, everyday bag

Trigger, Open Source: Discussion link

Tripod: As powerful light source

Tungsten: Gelling for

Turpin, Nick: Speedlights al fresco, More street work, Ad shoot for Heathrow Airport

Two-Light Shoots:
Second for tension, Women's lacrosse, Men's lacrosse, Vodka, Spring Desserts, 35-person group shot, Keith Taylor's fireman shoot, Michael in Paris, Contortionist in a locker, Two-lights, all hand-held, On-axis fill + soft key, Ray Flash + LQ SB-III portrait, Hard Flash run-and-gun, Desert falconer, Climber's Hands

Two-light: Variations on a theme: Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3


Original L101 post, Re-thinking Shoot-thru's, Swivel adapters, Westcott Double-Fold Convertible, Graphite insert mod, LP 632 Umbrella "shorty" swivel, What flash zoom setting?, How to choose

Underwater: Awesome DIY flash housing

Universal Translator synchs everything


Vermeer: Beers with

Vivitar 285HV:
Vari-power mod, Full review, Standard synch jack mod, Extensive, multi-mod example, T-nut mount mod, Another synch mod


Wall bounce, Example

Watch photography: By Ming Thing, QA from Ming

Water Photography: One-flash technique

Webcam pix, lighting for better

Wedding photography: Flash Flavor blog (recommended)

Welcome Page (Strobist's very first post.)
What the Duck: No Macy's for us…

WIMAX: Shoot for USA Today

Wind tunnel, OA

Winters, Dan: Light is not your problem, Book preview, Great audio interview, Assigned to photograph

Winzeler, Kevin: Two cool shoot BTS vids -- sports

Wrestler portrait, OA, Awesome WTJ behind the scenes


Um, we don't have anything for "X" yet.


Yang, Peter: Shooting Adm. William Fallon


Zebrafish and Zygotes, shooting

Zuckerman, Andrew: Lighting planes


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