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Friday, January 1, 2010


PC jack: Adding to any camera

Palette, color: consider yours

Paparazzi special: Synching 6 on-camera speedlights for one photo

Paper lanterns: DIY Light diffusors

Photo Caves: John Harrington, David X. Tejada

Photoshop: Dove: Time-lapse beauty, … and an ugly response

Platon: Three excellent vids, BTW from Putin Shoot, Interview, Russia Today

Intro, Relay mode video, How to connect to any flash, vs Nikon CLS, Being a smartass with, Guts of, splayed open, Parabolic antenna mod, PocketWizard Caddy, PW'ing a remote camera, Extreme Range of, Pt. 2, TT1/TT5 reviewed, TT1/TT5 updated, Solves Canon noise issue

Point and Shoot: Hack a no-shoe synch-jack

Pool portraits, one-light

Posing Tables: Don't buy THIS one.

Post-production: High-pass

Pre-assignment prep

Press conference: Hijacking for your studio

Prihoda, Martin: Delerium Band Shoot, Monkey Suit Shoot

Problem-solving, in lighting and otherwise

Profile: Konstantin Sutyagin

Profoto: Annie Pro-8 BTS shoot, Still photo music video, Purchase considerations

Propaganda, Dept. of: Awesome flash projector gun


Q and A's:
On white balance, even group lighting, full-power only, CTO density, Picking up bounce color, Metering, chimping, histograms, On managing speculars in portraiture, What color to paint studio?

Quarterback: Shoot for Rivals.com


JrX's, intro'd, JrX's, reviewed, JrX's, Q&A, DIY RPCube

Be the flash, It's not just about the light, Know the flash, Light, or more glass?, See the flash, Keep a lighting file, Lighting file v2.0, Rational approach to buying gear, When are you gonna learn?, Strive for Layers of Interest, Photography's Vanishing Middle Class, Channeling your Mentors, Your Lighting Journey, Hit for Average, Separating yourself from your photos, Working for free: 4 reasons, Value of self-generated work, 20 Questions to Ask, How music is like light, Death to the PC jack

Ray Flash Ring Flash Adapter:
Full review, QnA, + LumiQuest SB-III portrait, vs. pro ring light, Vs. Orbis

Real Estate: One-light R/E photography, Blog your house to sell it, Shoot your house to sell it

Redux Blog: Recommended

Reflections: Controlling with Double Diffusion, Secret Chinese method for controlling

Reflectors: One light, many sources: Reflectors for table-top shoot, Fill goats

Rembrandt: Beers with

Restricting Light: Snoots and Gobos

Reverse-engineering light

Ring Flash: Resource page, Cool portrait technique [See also AlienBees, Ray Flash and Orbis]

Rock Climbing, Shooting 1, Shooting 2

Rodriguez, Robert: Filmmaking on the cheap


Scissors-Clip ceiling clamp

Schoeller, Martin: BTS video

Seale, Robert: 1-hr+ Lighting seminar video

Shade, use of for lit portrait

Shoe-mount flash -- the good kind

Shoot The Bloggers Project: John E. McIntyre

Shorthand thinking: Balancing light

Slaves: How to use SB-800's built-in slave

Snipes, Dustin: 70-lit portraits in two days


Snooted portraits:
Ex 1, Ex 2, Nick Turpin's street shoots

Soft box: DIY 'Cheater' speedlight mount

Social media: Shooting for

Solar Power: Strobist powered by

Spanish: Strobist en Espanol

Specular reflections: As background element, how-to

Speed straps: DIY

Speedlighting. Literally.

Stephani, Bert:
Video: One-light glamour, Video: Hard light and beer goggles, Leftovers, Woods fashion shoot, Mo' Bounce to da Ounce, Auditorium group shot, DVD announced

Sto-FEN: How to DIY

Street Photography: How-to video


Sunset: Shooting at, Sunset shooting, Ex. 2, Falconer in

Studio: What color to paint?, Work w/low ceilings in, Open shade

Studio Lights: How to Choose

Super clamps

Synching Methods

Synch cord extension: Household cord DIY, Pt 1, Household cord DIY, pt 2, Adding a second hard-wired flash

Safety - Don't fry your camera, Adding jack to Canon Flashes, Exceed your camera's listed speed, Mixing partial synch with ambient, Ultra High speed synch during midday, BW Hi-synch portrait, Universal Translator synchs everything, Source: 10m TTL sync cords, Know Your Real Speed


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