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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Gear, misc:
Light stands, Swivel adapters, Starving Student Light Kit, Rational approach to buying, How to buy cheaply on eBay, Awesome location laptop case, Inexpensive gear bag example, Brewer double flash bracket, Brewer Quad Flash mod, Packing for Central America trip, Speedlight Pro kit, My normal travel kit, ThinkTank Airport International bag

L101 intro, Rosco STROBIST Collection announced, Tungsten in daylight ambient, use of, Cutting for your flash, CTO key shifting, Gel holder, source for wholesale gels, Proper spacing to avoid overheating

Glasses, lighting for

Glass objects, lighting for

GoBos: L101 Intro, Creative use of

Golf: Golf Digest BTS Vid

Guy on a Boat, OA

Grecco, Michael: Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait: Review, Martin Scorsese shoot, SunBounce shoot video, Shoots Will Farrell and Penelope Cruz (videos)

Greenberg, Jill: Interview, shows some lighting,

Greenfield-Sanders, Timothy: Ovation TV Interview

Grid spots: DIY Cardboard plans, Made out of straws, Using to control contrast

Group shot: Large, two-speedlight, Whole auditorium, Edgy technique for, Zack Arias' killer one-flash group technique, Big Group in a dark room

Gulf Photo Plus (Dubai): Walk-thru, Shoot-out video

Guide Number, explained

Guiton, Jean-Baptiste: Hi-end cosmetics BTS shoot,

Gym, lighting w/small flashes


Halloween: Mean cheap fog machines

Hard Light:
Why use?, Fixing harsh sunlight, Hard, single-light indoor portrait, Hard single-light outdoor portrait #1, Archeologists, Hard single-light biz portrait, Lacrosse portrait, Ex 1., Lighting large areas with, Long-throw, 2-light bikini shoot, Hand-held run-and-gun

Head Shots: Maybe not all smiling?, One-light corner setup

Heisler, Gregory: Shoots Bruce Springsteen (video)

Henry, Alexx: Moving Movies Posters

Hill, David: Interview with, Extended BTS vids

Hodges, Zach: Awesome 'Twilight' parody Xmas card

Honl, David: Belly Dancer shoot, Lighting DVDs review

Honl Grids: Using to control contrast

Hot lights: Awesome motorcycle shoot video

How to: Quick-change a lens

Hunt, Pat: Frozen Humming Birds


Illustrative: Mixing lit photo with drawing

Insanity: Defined, Proof that I may be …, More evidence of, Confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt,

Impact damage in 3, 2, 1…

Interiors: Lighting from outside a room, Reader QA,
Instruction manuals, old Nikon flashes

Interviews: Tips from the Top Floor, StudioLighting.net, StudioLighting.net #2, on Benadryl

iPhone: As lighting file, As a light course,


Jarvis, Chase:
3-min commercial shoot BTS, Kung Fu video, iPhone hijinks, Best Camera iPhone app

Japan: Insanely expensive lighting magazine, Books, from same publisher

Japanese: L101 in Japanese


Kayaker, shoot

Keatley, John: Lighting Strikes Twice, Inspired by natural light, Editorial shoot lighting walk-thru

Kite-mounted camera: video

Kid, shooting your, OA

Knight: How to light


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