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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Airport CEO shoot

Alienbees: ABR-800 Ring Flash review, Purchasing considerations

Alligators All Around

Aluminum foil, use of

April Fool's: First attempt

Archeologists, OA

Arcurs, Yuri: Mr. Microstock

Astrophotography, Use of flashes in

Astronomer, OA


Baby: Portrait, OA

Babe, topless: (shoot)

Backdrops: Scrounging, Shooting through glasses, Use of roofing panels as

Backlighting: Indoor example, Theater shot, Macaroni

Backpack: Dyna-light in a

Balancing Light:
L101 Basics, Pt 1, L101 Basics, Pt 2, Ex: Outdoor, full-sun portrait, w/dark, indoor environment, with a TV screen, ambient light source as design element, StudioLighting.net video how to, Flash and moving ambient, Controlling Daylight at midday, Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Faking tungsten at sunset, A shorthand way of thinking

Ball Bungees: Intro to, Use to mount a speedlight to a soft box

Bare Bulb: How to simulate

Barn Doors to fit speedlights

Basketball, lighting: Example 1, Ex. 2, Ex. 3, Q&A on

Batteries: External power sources, Ni-MH's, great for your flash, My favorite charger, Lumy External Battery video, NiZn Turbo AA's

Benson, Robert: CEO shoot BTS video

Best Business Practices for Photographers: Review

Bird Photography: Bradford Fuller's fly-in studio, Freezing Hummingbirds

Blind Snoot portrait OA

Blown shoot: Testing on

Books: Recommended reading list

Boom: Convert broomstick into, Inexpensive option for small flash

Boot Camp: Boot Camp 1 Archive Page

Bounce Flash: Using Walls and Ceilings

Bounceman: Light, in Tights

Broadway Photo: Do NOT shop there.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Strobist commercial

Bunting, Blair: Profile, with BTS light


CERN: Visiting, Pt. 1, Pt. 2

Cave Studio: Gus Sentementes shoot

California Sunbounce:
Michael Grecco video, Bert Stephani Video, DIY version of Micro Mini, CSB's DIY page

Reaches Puberty, G9, Intro, G9, High-synching of, As Polaroid back?, Shooting macros on location with G9, G11, full review, 5D MkII's Overrated Sync Speed

Car photography: Using bounce boards for, Hard speedlight technique

CCD, cleaning

Central America: On assignment in

Cheat sheet, using

China: Strobist launches in

Christmas: How to Photograph Holiday Lights, Lighting Christmas Morning

Cicada, OA

Clamps: Ball bungees, intro, Super clamps, intro

Collins, Dean:
Best of DVD, Review, Live at Brooks Institute, On lighting interiors, Hot lights bike shoot, Airport CEO shoot
Conference room quickie, OA

Cooley, Kevin: Video Promo

Copy photography: Large-scale, 2D, Small-scale, 3D, Using DIY Macro Studio for

Cosmetics: BTS vid: hi-end shoot

Creative Light: Two cool BTS vids

Crewdson, Gregory: Ovation TV interview

Criticism, learning from

Crosslighting: Example: one-light vs sun, Example #2, Brent Williamson's portraiture


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