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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Lacrosse Portraits: Women's, Men's

Landscape Lighting Techniques: Disappearing flash, Mixing with ambient, Stick your flash somewhere unusual, One-light night landscapes

Large Interior, lit w/speedlights

Lawrence, Joey: Tutorial review

Legos: Strobist enshrined in

Leibovitz, Annie: Book: At Work (review), Profoto BTS video, Sean Connery shoot BTS video, Mad Men BTS video

Lenses: How they are made, How to quick-change a lens

Light painting: animated, also using timed diffusion, Beautiful, animated commercial, Awesome Hennessy campaign BTS vid

Light, Science and Magic -- review 2nd Ed.

Light Sphere: DIY version
Lighting 101 Intro page, w/video

Light stands: L101 intro, LP 604 5-section light stand, Big-ass version

Light Tent for shiny subjects

Lighting 101: Great, explanatory overview video

Lighting 101 PDF's: English, Translation project announced, + Japanese version here, in French, Hebrew and Spanish, in German and Polish, Romanian and Russian,

Lighting Diagrams: Online Creator, iPhone App

Lighting Essentials: Review of

Lighting: Thought process at a bar, A person in a locker, On two planes, 2 planes, Ex. #2

Link to Us! Code for, w/pix

LumiQuest: Possibly too much use of, Fold-flat bare bulb adapter, Soft Box III, FX-Tra, LumiQuest SB-III + ring fill, In use, SB-III Barn boor mod,


Macro: Lighting for, $10 Macro Studio, Using Macro Studio w/ two lights, One light, many sources: Reflectors for table-top shoot, On location, w/P&S

Mad Men: Behind-the-scenes shoot video

McNally, Joe:
Awesome lighting brochure, Owning you w/one SB-800, Moment it Clicks: Review, Shoots top of Empire State Bldg (video), Desert Shoot, Extended video -- Google Talk, Great Nikon CLS DVD, 'Outtakes' from CLS vid, Hot Shoe Diaries (review), iPhone hijinks

Mental gymnastics

Mercedes Gull-wing - amazing, 2-light shot

Monoblocs: Walk-thru, Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Making speedlights act like

Multimedia journalism: MediaStorm

Miller, Steve, E.: Dead artists shoot


Night flash: Amazing firefly shot, Night snowboarding, Night ground-to-air chopper lighting, One-light night landscapes, James Rubio's Night Wedding Portrait, Night Shuttle launch flashed portrait, Night-time outdoor flash, use of/balance, Ex. 2,

Nikon CLS: Vs PocketWizard, Quickie tutorial, Awesome Nikon video, Online video resources

Nikon SB-24: Recommended, Modded for bare bulb,

Nikon SB-600: Synch jack hack

Nikon SB-26, recommended

Nikon SB-800: External resources, Built-in slave how to, As subject matter, Chicken neck mod, More Humane SB-800 rotate mod,

Nikon SB-900: Intro'd, Hands-on review, Big-ass foot on, How to access built-in superslave


Off-photographer camera

On Assignment Full Reference Page

On-Axis Fill: Intro'd, Ring and add'l soft key light, Ring and hard key,

One-Light Shoots:
Poolside, More sophisticated use of, tutorial, Lighting food, Detail object light, 3-D artwork, Hero Fan, Outdoor, crosslit w/sun, Night landscapes, tungsten at sunset, Real estate photography, Zack Arias' Killer Dubai Group Shot, Water drop photography

Open Source Trigger: Debut

Orbis Ring Flash Adapter: Intro'd, Unboxed, Ray Flash comparison, Vs. Ray Flash, head-to-head


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