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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Bare-Bulb flash, Snoots/Gobos, Macro Strip Lights, Holga lens on a DSLR, $10 Macro Studio, Tinker Tubes, plans for, ring flash, Ring flash #2, $10 Soft Box Grid, Safe-synch adapter, Cardboard grid spots, Lighting diagram PSD files, Spaghetti box snoot, Vivitar 285 Vari-power mod, Hobo cardboard softbox, Lawnmower wheel remote camera-pod, Tungsten ring light, A-clamp light stand, 2-cent, printer paper macro studio, Scrounged white macro studio, $8, fold-flat ring light, Plunger-based background stand, Engineer lamp-based macro light stand, Grid spots from straws, Collapsible soft box, Graphite Umbrella shaft inserts, Speedlight standard synch jack mod, 'The Cheater' speedlight soft box mount, Potentially deadly home-brew flash, Produce-aisle sto-fen, The Invisible Background stand, Over/under ring light hack, Faux Ring light #1, Spray paint background paper, Home Depot canvas backgrounds, T-nut flash mount mod, Foil backed tape for reflectors, Paul Duncan's Faux Ring light, Coffee can ring flash, *DIY* Off-Camera TTL cord. Srsly.
Light stand box strip lights, David Tejada's beauty dish, Trash bag light mod, #1, Trash bag hack #2
Roll your own speed straps, Garage studio, MicroMini Equiv., Light bouncing on the cheap, Salad bowl beauty dish, Paper lantern diffusors, LumiQuest SB-III Barn door mod, RadioPopper RPCube, Lazy-leg light stand, Details, lighting of, Ultra-light, tent pole light stand

Dancer: Location shoot (OA)

Details: looking for and lighting

Developing an Idea: Pt. 1, Pt. 2

Diaz, Dustin: On 365's

DVDs: Strobist Lighting seminar


Ebay, how to buy cheaply on

Einstein monoblocs: First impressions

Elevating daily assignments

Elinchrom: Skyport review, Lights purchasing consideration

Engagement: Strobist reader goes all out


Father's Day: Jason Lee shoots his kids

Flashes: What yours needs to have

Flash bulbs, use of

Flash: Photo better with or without?

Flash, Quad-synch manual: LumoPro LP120

Fletcher, Jon M.: Night shuttle launch flashed portrait

Flickr: Scout your Explored pics

Flickr profiles: Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir, How Flickr is changing, Sara Lando, John Dohrn

Fluorescent light: Gelling for

Macaroni, Vodka, Junk food porn, Desserts, Sjan: Food Photographer (parody), How-to: The Lunch Box (for shooting food)

Funnell, Greg: Colin Firth shoot BTS vid


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